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About Adam Nardi

     Adam Nardi is best known for his in depth work in the field of sculpture working with mainly clay and casting.  He also has extensive experience in many other mediums such as painting, FX work used in both haunted houses and film, photography, as well as earth art.  His work embodies his life experience along with an external commentary.  He has shown work, competed, and been published locally, nationally, and internationally. He traveled to China where he had worked in earth art, which was published in China’s, Sculpture Magazine. He has competed in both Snow Days and Snow Visions, international snow sculpting competitions, three day sculpting events. Some of his work has also been published in Ride BMX magazine as well as a book by Francesca Galvin’s, “Hell Bound: New Gothic Art.”  Some recent gallery exhibitions include are Iannelli Studios Heritage Center, South Shore Cultural Center, and  Salt Air Gallery.  He also assists in running Odyssey Art Collective.   He lives and works as an Art Instructor in Chicago, Illinois.

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