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Artist Statement

            My work varies in formats, mediums, and subject matter.  This is primarily due to the fact that I believe when you want to get a message across to the viewer there can be a preferred method of doing so.  My subject matter varies from the abstract, the life of the common man, but centers on mostly personal experience. I work primarily as a sculptor and painter, but also have plenty of experience in other mediums.  I sculpt in clay, plaster, resin, concrete, and metal. I paint primarily in acrylic, but that varies.

            Usually the messages I try to convey in my work have much to do with my own personal experiences in life.  They can vary from simple terms such as, struggle and balance, to the much more complex.  I help the viewer, and sometimes even the subject of the piece, connect with my art by removing the aspect of feeling alienated.

            My recent trend is to work figuratively with modern elements incorporated both physically and thematically.  However, I still enjoy working in many different formats.  I feel as if I draw inspiration from not only contemporary artists, but also heavily from classical artists.  

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